Age is a mindset.

People are too often convinced they're "too old" to start or finish what they feel so passionate about. They know what they want in life but choose to never go after it because of the stigma that "their time" is up. They forget Jay-Z didn't make it until he was 26. They forget Steve Carrell got his first leading role when he was over 40. They forget Morgan Freeman is STILL active in the entertainment industry at 83 years old.

Whether it's writing a book, going to college, starting your business, or becoming a giant celebrity--it's all in your head. If the passion is there, if the drive is there, and if the willingness to learn is there, there's no stopping you from accomplishing anything you want no matter what age. There's no time limit and there is no clock. And that's exactly what we stand for.


Brokn Clocks was founded by Nitty B, a hip hop artist from New Jersey. During pharmacy school, he came across his dream to make it in the music industry but graduated nonetheless. Feeling behind after spending so much time in school, he continued to run after his vision. "I know I'm not the only one who's felt behind. I've talked to people about it and I just feel like the world is changing. I've seen 50,60,70,80 year olds gain massive success and fame with huge support. I think as long as the motivation and work ethic is there, you can really do anything whenever you want."

You can find him on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms under Nitty B and @itsnittyb on Instagram/Tiktok.